Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spearpoint 1943 progress update

To follow up on my last blog post, a few updates are in order regarding Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943. It's always a good thing when you're waiting on others to get back to you rather than being the one on the hook for files, information, and *gasp* payments. Today I find myself pretty-well caught up, which is highly unusual.

  • We are definitely running a contest with the help of Boardgamegeek.com starting February 1st 2010 and will be giving away 20 preorders of Spearpoint 1943 as prize support. I sent all of the contest materials to Chad at Boardgamegeek yesterday so their programmers can get a jump on setting the contest up.

  • Frontline General News Issue 14 is written, but not yet formatted. This issue includes a feature article that takes readers through the entire game and previews a lot of final art.

  • This past weekend I filmed a full game of Spearpoint 1943 with the help of my friend Brandon. I'm beginning to edit this video and will post it on our site along with FG News 14 as a supplement to the newsletter. I won't reveal who won the game, but let's just say that person's defeat was decisive.

  • I've placed the order for 15 Print-on-Demand (POD) copies of Spearpoint 1943 to prepare for a tournament in February at Williamsburg Muster. Many of the POD copies will then go to PODcasters (PUN intended) for pre-release reviews. I've been in touch with several podcasters who have committed to doing a pre-release review of the game.

  • I've ordered a new retractable banner stand for upcoming 2010 conventions in order to make my setup a bit more portable. I had been using homemade PVC stands to hoist our 3-4 banners, but they required transport by truck.

  • Before February 1st I'll be posting artwork and DRAFT Rules to the game's BGG entry in prep for the contest. I'm trying to time this upload with my release of FG News 14.

  • I'm pushing forward with production plans. I'm still waiting on the printer to review the artwork files and tell me everything is okay.

  • I've written two more Scenarios for this game, which I'm now calling "Situations" just to be different. Scenarios seems like an over-used name in the world of wargames.

  • Collins Epic Wargames is now officially an LLC!

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