Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introduction - Byron Collins

Byron Collins. The 30-year old owner and founder of Collins Epic Wargames, Byron has a passion for all types of games, World War II history, art, engineering, and historical research. Byron began studying World War II history at a young age and has learned a lot from his uncle, a WWII veteran US Naval Reserves officer who helped plan the small boat portions of the Utah Beach D-Day Invasion. Byron points to the formal interview he conducted with his uncle to capture his WWII experiences, just three months before he passed away, as the most personally rewarding part of his venture.

Growing up, Byron took 14 years of private art lessons and has exhibited his watercolor artwork at various local and national shows. As a degreed Mechanical Engineer with a unique art background, he brings to the business an understanding of math, statistics, economics, the design process, and project management, mixed with artistic abilities and accomplishments in fine art and graphic design. Byron currently manages all aspects of Collins Epic Wargames and he designs, publishes, and sells his own games after extensive development and external playtesting. Byron jumped head first into game publishing and has not looked back since 2006. He is active on various Game Design forums and is always willing to pass on what he has learned to those who consider turning their game design hobby into a business. He currently travels to promote and run his games as events at various conventions and trade shows including Gen Con, Historicon, and the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC).

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