Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introduction - Collins Epic Wargames

Collins Epic Wargames. Collins Epic Wargames (CEW) focuses on publishing high quality wargames that appeal to a competitive niche market of adults, ages 25-60, who are avid history buffs, board gamers, and/or historical miniatures gamers. Formed in 2006 by Byron Collins, CEW brings a fresh approach to wargaming and game publishing by introducing new concepts and unparalleled player support. CEW is now branching off to publish games by other talented designers that pass our high standards of quality and target audience appeal. We take our time with development and testing which results in playable games right out of the box without subsequent errata and FAQs. Each game introduces a new innovation in rules or a new concept in gameplay, along with top quality physical components such as mounted game boards, thick, die-cut cards and counters, and full-color printing of every item.

CEW strives to design and publish games that provide years of entertainment, stunning components and artwork, and an epic depth of play. We employ an extensive external playtesting process for all games, relying heavily on hand-picked internal and external playtest teams all over the world as well as professional consultants in the US. CEW does not stop with the sale of a game to the customer. The CEW player base is actively supported through e-mail and internet forums, video gameplay tutorials, and periodic newsletters that offer previews, examples, add free content to existing games, and reveal “behind the scenes” insight into game design and development. Collins Epic Wargames is actively forging business relationships with other game publishers, distributors, and retailers for maximum exposure and joint cooperation. All of our games are manufactured and assembled entirely in the United States, which supports our domestic economy, US-based printing companies, and their suppliers. We look forward to bringing you great games now and in the future.

Here is our main website: http://www.frontlinegeneral.com

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