Friday, June 4, 2010

Great Spearpoint 1943 Review Posted on

I recently asked Richard Mataka of to take a look at a pre-release version of Spearpoint 1943.  Richard reviews a countless number of games and products in the wargaming hobby and he's always a pleasure to speak with at conventions and on the phone.  I'm very pleased with what he had to say about Spearpoint 1943.  Here are a few quotes from his review, which now appears online here.

"I’m a typical grognard. I like my maps, cardboard counters and CRT’s. So imagine my surprise and enormous delight when I was asked to take a look at “Spearpoint 1943”, a historical based card game that I immediately enjoyed. This is a game steeped in historical accuracy, research, playability and months and months of playtesting. What’s great to see is that all of this work has truly paid off to provide the gamer with a unique and extremely enjoyable experience with tremendous replay value."
"You can learn this game in 30 minutes or less but mastering it will take a considerable longer time as the tactics are subtle and there are many fine nuances in the game that makes each game different and keeps you coming back for more"
"I feel that the impact of Spearpoint 1943 will be to historical card gaming what Magic the Gathering was to fantasy gaming. I feel it will breath new life into historical card gaming by introducing neophytes into a new world with a historical background based on sound historical research that is challenging yet most important of all, fun to play. Sometimes simple is better! Get Spearpoint 1943, I highly recommend it."
-Richard Mataka,
I'm really glad Richard enjoys the game and it's great to see such a positive review posted online just before the game's release (ETA Mid-June 2010)!

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  1. Thanks Byron, I'm really looking forward to it!